Lunch Menu

Manage Lunch Preferences 

  • Set spending limits & deny items
  • Set a low balance automated email
  • Make a food service deposit
Manage Student Lunch Account

Paying for Lunch Only

You can either load money onto your student's account electronically through the online payment link at left, or your student can give cash or a check made out to District 28 to the cashier in the lunchroom. There is a $1.50 fee each time you load money electronically.

Lunch Balances

All lunch accounts must be in good standing.  When a lunch account has a negative balance, the student will no longer be able to purchase ala-carte items from our cafeteria.  The student will be able to purchase the menu item of the day, also known as our blue plate special. We ask that you make every effort to keep your family lunch account positive.  

How Students Purchase Lunch

Each student is assigned a unique account pin number. This unique 5-digit number is used in the cafeteria to make all purchases and is tied to your family account.  It is highly recommended that all students memorize this number and keep it confidential. There is a pin pad at the cash register where the student enters the five-digit account pin number for the cashier.   If he/she forgets the number, your student can give the cafeteria cashier their name and the cashier can look up the number.


There are three lunch options every day:

Blue Plate Special: $3.75 includes the plated menu item of the day with a choice of an 8oz water bottle, milk (white or chocolate), or a small juice box. (apple or orange)

A la Carte Menu: Items in the a la-carte line rotate each day. Soups, assorted deli sandwiches, hot items, snacks and more. Prices vary, See our a la-carte menu on the NBJH website. 

Salad Bar: We have a 15+ bay salad bar.  $3.75 for a large plate salad and $2.00 for a small bowl.

November 2019 Menu.pdf

DEC 2019 Lunch Menu.pdf

Jan 2020 Lunch Menu.pdf

A la Carte Menu 19-20 NBJH.pdf