Young Simba sings I can't wait to be king during Lion King Jr. productionHyena Shenzi grabs Young Nala in lion King Jr.Rafiki and chorus sing Circle of Life in 'Lion King Jr.'NY Times Bestselling Author Gordon Korman has some fun making funny faces with students in the library.students aims at target with hand made catapultMr. Scapillato directors the wind ensemble at a concertPercussion students gather with Tom Hipskind, the drummer for Chicago's 'Hamilton.'

Young Simba sings' I Can't Wait to be King' during the spring musical, "Lion King Jr."

Hyena Shenzi grabs Young Nala in the spring musical, "Lion King Jr."

Rafiki and chorus sing Circle of Life in 'Lion King Jr.'

Best-selling author Gordon Korman offered students writing tips in two assemblies then had some fun making faces at lunch with some students.

A students takes aim with his hand-made catapult during Maker Day.

District 28 music programs received two national awards from Advocacy in Action. See news story below.

Percussion students learned what it's like to be a professional musician, and how to improve their technique from Tom Hipskind, the drummer in the Chicago production of 'Hamilton.'

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