Graduation Photo Form

Photos for the Graduation Video

We would like to include a photo of each graduate in their gown for the virtual graduation video. We are inviting each family to take one photo of their student and upload it through the use of the form linked at the end of this paragraph. Photo submissions are due by Tuesday, May 26th.

First, prepare the gown by hanging it for a day or more. The gown can be steamed with a hand-held steamer or by hanging in the bathroom while running a hot shower, but please do not iron the fabric.

Shoot the photo in a well-lit location. Best results are when there is outdoor shade on a sunny day or a brightly lit interior. Please avoid shadows from direct sunlight, and make sure the background is NOT brighter than the graduate.

Remember to use the phone camera's focus by touching the graduate's face in the frame for best lighting and focus. Get close enough to frame the grad from the waist up. We want to be able to see his or her face clearly.

One graduate per photo.

This form will make it easy to upload your photo directly from your phone. So open this form on your phone, fill in the name, then upload the photo to this form.

If we do not receive a photo of your child in their gown, we will use this year's yearbook photo instead.

If you are having trouble accessing the form, you may email the photo, with last name, first name in the subject line to